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Bonus BioGroup is pleased to announce the approval of the European patent by the European Patent Office (EPO), which provides Bonus Therapeutics, a subsidiary of Bonus BioGroup, exclusive protection for the development, utilization and commercialization of Bonus’ live bone graft product in Europe, for the treatment of bone deficiencies (hereafter: “the European patent”), applied by injection or by any other manner.

For the first time ever, arm and leg were healed using a bone graft grown outside patient’s body, in an orthopedic clinical trial for filling extensive critical bone void in limbs

Bonus BioGroup raises investment in the amount of NIS 18 million (USD 5 million), at a price of 60 Agorot per share

Bonus BioGroup Secures Exclusivity in the U.S. over Manufacturing and Commercialization of Live Bone Graft

Israel Innovation Authority approves support to the Company's R&D budget for 2017

Company Obtains U.S. Patent Notice of Allowance for Angiogenic Technology

For the first time ever, bone graft grown outside patient’s body is implanted in his leg, in an orthopedic clinical trial for filling extensive critical bone defects in limbs

Bonus BioGroup Receives Israeli Ministry of Health Approval for Clinical Trial Testing Second Generation Injectable Human Bone Graft for Maxillofacial Repair

Bonus BioGroup Raises 4 Million NIS at 70 Agorot per Share
Fundraised a total of 18 million NIS at a price 18% higher than the average stock exchange and intends to register all of its shares for trade in the US, at the NASDAQ or NYSE.

Bonus BioGroup Expands Prospective Product Line

Successful Proof-Of-Concept Preclinical Study on the Development of Large Vascularized Human Bone Graft

One Week Following Receipt of Required Approvals for Second Clinical Trial

Bonus BioGroup Enrols First Three Subjects in Clinical Trial with Second Generation Live Injectable Bone Graft for Repair of Maxillofacial Deficiencies

Bonus BioGroup Announces Successful First Transplantation of Second-Generation Injectable Live Human Bone Graft in Clinical Trial for Maxillofacial Bone Repair

Bonus BioGroup announces today successful transplantation for the first patient in the Company's second clinical trial for the repair of maxillofacial bone deficiencies. The transplantation was performed a fortnight following collection of the patient's fat sample, and several weeks following the enrolment of the first three subjects.

Bonus BioGroup Announces Revolutionary Medical Breakthrough

Successful Outcome in First Clinical Trial: Safe, Rapid and Efficient Reconstruction of Maxillofacial Bone by the Company's Injectable Live Human Bone Graft was Achieved in All Subjects

Bonus BioGroup Announces Receipt of European GMP and International ISO-9001 Certification

Bonus BioGroup Announces Completion of Recruitment of 20 Patients for Clinical Trial to Repair Human Facial Bone Deficiency 

Bonus Therapeutics Selected Amongst 100 Most Promising Innovative Technology Companies in Europe

 Bonus BioGroup Announces Agreement to Develop Innovative Biological Components

The agreement allows Bonus to receive FDA approval for innovative biological components which will be integrated into its manufactured transplants. These will be submitted to the FDA at no cost for Bonus. 

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