BONUS BIOGROUP (TASE: BONS) is a clinical-stage biotechnology company, engaged in research and development of biomedical tissue-engineered and cell therapy products.

Bonus BioGroup applies an innovative and proprietary technology for the manufacturing of BonoFill, a tissue-engineered, individualized, viable bone graft for bone tissue regeneration.   The company strives to become a world leader in the field of bone tissue engineering for the treatment of various complex bone deficiencies.

COVID-19 Therapy: Bonus BioGroup has joined the global research efforts for a coronavirus therapy. MesenCure is a newly developed cell therapy, specifically designed to treat the life-threatening cytokine storm in COVID-19 pneumonia.

Clinical Trials

Covid-19 Therapy: Bonus BioGroup is conducting a phase I/II clinical trial for the evaluation of MesenCure's safety and efficacy in the treatment of respiratory distress in Covid-19 infection.

Bonus BioGroup has currently two ongoing phase I/II clinical trials for the evaluation of BonoFillTM bone graft’s safety and efficacy in the orthopedic and maxillofacial indications:

Orthopedic Bone Regeneration

In August, 2017 Bonus announced the first transplantation of BonoFillTM viable, human bone graft, grown outside the patient's body, into a patient’s arm, as part of a clinical trial for reconstruction of extensive critical bone loss in the extremities.

Maxillofacial Bone Regeneration

Bonus BioGroup commenced a clinical trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of BonoFillTM in the treatment of oral and maxillofacial bone deficiencies, in the indications of sinus augmentation and filling of bone voids.

Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment







BonoFillTM Product Family

Bone grafts are required for bone deficiencies incapable of self-healing, which arise in numerous medical conditions, including trauma and bone diseases.

Bonus BioGroup has developed a novel procedure to grow an autologous, viable bone graft from cells derived from the patient's adipose (fat) tissue, obtained by a simple procedure of liposuction. BonoFillTM bone graft is an exclusive, 3D, high cell density bone graft designed to fit the defect site. The bone graft’s unique cell composition efficiently promotes new bone growth, the healing of the bone defect and the integration with the existing bone.

BonoFillTM bone graft is tailored to the biological, physical and clinical needs of each patient, especially with regard to treatment of complex bone defects.

Currently, BonoFillTM is being evaluated in phase I/II clinical trials for the repair of bone deficiencies in the orthopedic indication and in the maxillofacial indication.

Injectable bone graft


Anatomically pre-designed bone graft


Appropriate for defined defects, such as maxillofacial bone voids

A customized graft, tailored to the patient's bone defect, using CT imaging

MesenCure – COVID-19 Therapy

MesenCure is a cell-based therapy specifically developed to attenuate the hyper-inflammatory response in COVID-19 pneumonia and the alleviate the life-threatening respiratory distress. The mesenchymal stromal cells are isolated from the adipose tissue of healthy donors, expanded in the laboratory and are subjected to specific procedures which are designed to prime the cells and to enhance their immunomodulatory capabilities. Upon intravenous injection of MesenCure, the cells reach the lung where they attenuate the cytokine storm, alleviate the respiratory distress and promote the healing of the injured lung.

Currently, Bonus BioGroup is conducting a phase I/II clinical trial with MesenCure at the largest medical center in the north of Israel.

Science & Technology

Tissue-engineered bone graft:

Bonus BioGroup has developed an injectable bone graft, manufactured from the cells isolated from the patient’s adipose (fat) tissue.   Why adipose tissue?   Human adipose (fat) tissue has significant advantages as a cell source for tissue engineered products. Adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stromal cells (ASCs) can be grown and differentiated into multiple cell lineages in the laboratory, including bone-forming cell (osteoblasts), which can be safely and efficiently transplanted back into the patient.

Bonus’ BonoFillTM bone graft has the advantage being an autologous product, made from the patient’s cells. The isolated mesenchymal cells are cultured in a bioreactor on a supportive natural mineral matrix (scaffold), and induced to generate BonoFill’s unique cell composition.

BonoFillTM is designed to fit the defect site, and optimally promotes the bone regenerations process from within the bone graft as well as by recruiting cells from the healthy surrounding tissue, without the risk of graft rejection.

COVID-19 cell-based immunomodulatory therapy:

Human adipose (fat) tissue-derived mesenchymal stromal cells (ASCs) are researched as COVID-19 therapy due to their immunomodulatory capabilities to attenuate the hyper-inflammatory response – the life-threatening cytokine storm triggered by the novel coronavirus. 

Bonus BioGroup has developed a procedure to specifically prime the ASCs and to enhance the cells’ immunomodulatory potential, while maintaining their safety. In preclinical studies, Bonus’ COVID-19 therapy MesenCure was shown to attenuate the hyper-inflammatory response in the lungs, as well as to promote the healing of the injured lung tissue.

The ASCs are isolated from the adipose of healthy human donors and, in addition to their immunomodulatory capabilities, these cells are also immune-evasive, meaning that the undifferentiated mesenchymal stromal cells are not recognized by the immune system as foreign and do not elicit an immune response.

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