Bonus BioGroup Raises 9 Million NIS in Private Offering Investment at 0.70 NIS Per Share

Bonus BioGroup is pleased to announce an entry into an investment agreement in response to a private offering (immaterial and unexceptional) of Company shares with two investors who, to the best of the Company's knowledge, have no connection with the Company's stakeholders and/or functionaries.


According to conditions of the Investment Agreement, the Company, in a private allocation, will allocate 12,857,143 ordinary shares, registered and with no nominal value, and transfer them to the Investors against cash payment of 9,000,000 NIS.


This investment completes the raising of an overall total of 35.24 million NIS in private offerings from December 2014 – April 2017, at a share price that is an average of 16% higher than the closing price upon the date of approval of the relevant Investment Agreement.