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Wednesday, 17 March 2021 13:41

Bonus BioGroup developed a network of artificial blood vessels, intended to enable better integration of transplanted lab-grown organs

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Bonus BioGroup developed a network of artificial blood vessels, intended to enable better integration of transplanted lab-grown organs
A US granted patent provides Bonus BioGroup with exclusive rights for the development and marketing of its network of artificial blood vessels, which may become an essential component in tissue engineering

Bonus BioGroup (TASE: BONS) is a clinical-stage Israeli biotechnology company, engaged in research and development of biomedical tissue-engineered and cell therapy products.

Bonus BioGroup is pleased to announce the successful development of a network of artificial blood vessels, interconnected by larger and smaller vessels (hereinafter: "the blood vessel network"). This artificial blood vessel network is intended to supply nutrients and oxygen through its walls to engineered tissues as well as to lab-grown organs (hereinafter: "engineered tissues"), and also to support the removal of waste products, until the artificial network is replaced by the body's blood vessels (hereinafter: "blood vessel network technology"). By supplying blood, the blood vessel network may substantially improve the success of engineered tissues’ transplantation.

In contrast, engineered tissues that do not contain blood vessels may suffer from a limited supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells and impaired waste removal, often leading to transplant rejection and/or necrosis, demanding its removal.

The technology for producing an artificial blood vessel network may present the possibility of integrating blood vessels into engineered tissues and organs as an essential part of their manufacturing process in the laboratory, which may improve transplantation success.

During the engineered tissue transplantation procedure, the surgeon will connect the embedded artificial blood vessels to the patient's existing vasculature at the site of transplantation.

The patent describing the blood vessel network technology was approved and granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office[1] and grants Bonus Therapeutics, a fully-owned subsidiary of the Company, the exclusive rights for manufacturing and marketing in the US, until 18 September 2036, for biotechnological applications in general, and in particular for the engineering of viable, human tissues with embedded blood vessel network intended for tissue regeneration in various indications (hereinafter: "the issued patent in the US").

The Company filed patent applications also in Europe, Australia, and China, in addition to the granted patent in the US.

Bonus BioGroup holds, to date, the exclusive rights for six families of patents and patent applications, encompassing 25 issued patents and 18 patent applications.

The blood vessel network technology offers a solution to one of the most urgent challenges in tissue engineering: the need to nourish the entire transplanted tissue[2]. The thicker the engineered tissue is, the more significant this challenge becomes. This challenge is emphasized for tissues with a thickness greater than 0.25 mm, such as a centimeter or more thick engineered tissues intended to replace the heart left ventricular wall after myocardial infarction, engineered tissue for the treatment of pancreas dysfunction, or lab-grown fat tissue for plastic surgery.

By 2024, the market for organs and tissues for transplantation and their substitutes, including engineered tissues, is expected to reach about US$ 120 billion[3]. This huge market is expected despite the constant shortage of living organs for transplantation and problems arising from the need to match tissues and patients. The absence of such a match, in most transplants, requires life-long medication with drugs that suppress the immune system and have severe side effects.

The need for tissue engineering has developed due to the global shortage of living organs for transplantation, looking for high-quality alternatives. In 2019, the engineered tissue market was valued at about US$ 10 billion[4]. Until 2027, the engineered tissue market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 14.2%, driven mainly by cardiac-related applications. According to the Company's estimation, the engineered tissue market has not reached its full potential, mainly due to the lack of proper blood supply in some of the engineered tissues.

Bonus BioGroup's blood vessel network consists of microscopic tubes of various diameters from a few microns to tens of microns. These artificial blood vessels undergo natural biological degradation parallel with the body growing new blood vessels into the engineered tissue. The blood vessel network can be produced by various methods and from different biomaterials selected to fit a specific engineered tissue or organ. Accordingly, the product's uniformity and properties are guaranteed, possibly surpassing many biological products developed for similar applications.

The microscopic tubes are embedded in the engineered tissue function like the body's capillary blood vessels that nourish tissues and cells. Furthermore, several microscopic tubes located at the ends of the transplant can be collected into a larger tube of suitable diameter to connect to the patient's blood vessels at the transplantation site.

Dr. Shai Meretzki, CEO of Bonus BioGroup and a pioneer in the field of tissue engineering, said in this context that "the patent approved in the US grants Bonus BioGroup exclusivity for the development and marketing of the blood vessel network technology and its integration in engineered tissues and organs, to increase transplantation success. This patent also reflects the Company's position as a leader in the field of tissue engineering with technologies that may be an important step towards the engineering of an entire organ."

Dr. Shai Meretzki adds, "The blood vessel network technology allows the integration of nano- and micro-particles into the artificial vessels, that will enable the controlled release of substances with biological effects, including those that may accelerate the body's vascularization process."

Company estimations regarding forward-looking statements

Bonus BioGroup's assessments regarding the marketing potential of the blood vessel network technology and of the engineered tissue with embedded lab-grown blood vessel network, and the Company's ability to continue developing the blood vessel network technology, as well as, among others, the completion of any trials, obtaining of the relevant regulatory approvals, manufacturing and commercial marketing of the blood vessel network technology, is a forward-looking statement, as defined by the in the securities law 1968, which is based on the company's estimates and on the information in its possession at the time of reporting, as defined by the in the securities law 1968, which is based on the company's estimates and on the information in its possession at the time of reporting. 

There is no certainty that these intentions will be realized, in whole or in part, among others, due to the dependence of third parties actions that are not under the control of the company, the possibility of delay in obtaining relevant regulatory approvals and / or a change in the relevant conditions and / or feasibility studies that the company may conduct, and / or delay in conducting of studies and / or the need for further studies and / or failure of studies and / or technological changes and / or development and marketing of similar and / or more effective competing products and / or lack of availability of resources and / or realization of any of the risk factors related to research and / or trials and / or its results.


Bonus BioGroup

By: Yossi Rauch (Chairman of the Board) and Dr. Shai Meretzki (CEO and Director)


[1] The report regarding the publication of a US patent approval, US10,940,238, was received on 16 March, 2016, from the Company's patent attorney.




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